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Food Distribution Ministry's objective is to provide the Deerfield community with food for families and individuals in need. This ministry not only assist with the physical food it also gives our neighbors spiritual food by including documents with virtual information about church's services and words of encouragement from the Word of God. The Food Distribution Ministry serves the community bi-weekly on Saturdays during the hours of 12:00pm to 2:00pm on a first come first serve basis at this time.


Shepherding Ministry objective is reach out and maintain spiritual relationships with members. This ministry provide communication with delinquent members to assist these members with any aid needed in regards to spiritual, physical or social needs. This ministry collects information from members contacted and provide contact results to the church's leadership for followup if needed.


 Feasibility Ministry's objective is to formulate and collaborate events, programs and projects that will assist in the overall edification of the church. This ministry make arrangements and assist with the scheduling for upcoming events and or projects. The Feasibility Ministry also maintain the organization of events from start to finish under the guidance of church's leadership

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